Aroose Istanbuli Duble Series

Aroose Istanbuli Duble Turkish Series

Aroose Istanbuli Bride Of Istanbul Series PosterAroose Istanbuli (Bride of Istanbul) thrilling Turkish romantic drama is based on a compelling true story.

The story begins with a rich, powerful, and handsome man named Faruk. He lives in Bursa, a city located in the south of Istanbul. He is a part of a wealthy and well-known family in the city. His mother, Esma, is very dominant and controlling of Faruk’s life as well as everyone elses in their house. Faruk is strong enough to oppose the wishes of his mother when required.

Esma is happy living with her four sons, but desires more. She wants her eldest son, being Faruk, to marry so that she can become a grandmother. Whomever Faruk chooses to marry will be the lady of the house after Esma passes and be responsible for maintaining their long-standing family history and culture. Esma believes that it is imperative that the right woman be chosen for this role, and even has someone in mind.

Ipek is Esma’s choice to be Faruk’s wife. Ipek is in love with Faruk, but has not revealed her feelings. She is aware of the intentions of Esma and is happy to be the dutiful and perfect wife that she desires.

All of these expectations are suddenly shaken after Suheyla appears.

Suheyla is a stunning young woman from Istanbul who was brought up without her parents by her aunt. She is a violinist whom enjoys playing at different events in the city as well as being a part of television commercials.

Suheyla and Faruk meet by coincidence when Faruk is in the city for business. Suheyla is at first not interested in this womanizing elite, but the two grow to love each other and it becomes clear that they cannot live without one another.

Faruk returns to Bursa with Suheyla as his bride, creating great turbulence in the house. Watch the Bride of Instanbul (Istanbullu Gelin) to find out if these two star-crossed lovers find a way to live harmoniously.

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