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Ashianeh Delam Turkish Series

Ashianeh Delam Turkish SeriesAshianeh Delam (Canevim) story revolves around a tight-knit family whose troubles are all closely intertwined with one another. The main characters are Omer and Ceylan, who come from similar backgrounds, as they are both poor. Omer is a kind, handsome young man, whose parents died tragically and is left with only his grandmother to care for him. Ceylan is a beautiful, caring young woman, who is really close to her family. Omer and Ceylan love each other deeply, but struggle to make ends meet. Omer works hard at a construction site job, but still it isn’t enough money to survive.

Problems arise when Taylan comes into the picture. He is a rich and spoiled young man who falls infatuated with Ceylan. His true colours show when he harasses her at a pool party, and is abusive towards her. Ceylan has had enough of the abuse and slaps him in front of everyone. However, this causes Taylan to become very angry, and only makes matters worse.

Will Ceylan be able to rid herself free from Taylan once and for all? Will Omer and Ceylan be able to withstand the pressures that arise, and end up happily together?

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