Dastane Ma (Duble Farsi) Series

Dastane Ma (Duble Farsi) Turkish Series

Dastane Ma Turkish Series PosterDastane Ma (Duble Farsi) Turkish story is based on the American television show, Shameless, and it features a young woman named Filiz, who must take care of her 5 siblings when their mother leaves them. Even though their father is still in the picture, he is an unreliable alcoholic. He is a selfish man, and gives nothing to his 6 children. Therefore, it is all up to Filiz, and she takes on both mother and father role. She drops out of school, and finds a job in order to help support her family. All of the responsibilities lie solely on Filiz, and everyone leans on her for support. Since she has young siblings that she must take care of, Filiz is constantly busy.

Even though Filiz is in charge, her siblings still try to help out as much as possible. The oldest brother, Rahmet is smart, so he offers tutoring lessons in order to gain some extra money. The middle brother, Hikmet found a job at the local grocery store, but ends up falling for his boss’ wife. Now for the introduction of the second youngest brother, Fikret, who is a real trouble maker and is constantly causing problems at school.

Filiz’s sister is Kiraz, who even though she is still young she tries to help her older sister out as much as possible. The baby of the family is Ismet, who is very young and still needs constant care from his older sister. Even though the siblings don’t live in the best circumstances, they have a strong love for one another and always have each other’s backs.

With everything on Filiz’s plate, she doesn’t have time for herself and never seeks to find a partner in life. However, one random day she meets a charming young man who strikes her interest. When Filiz is walking down the street, she gets attacked and mugged. This is when the young man, Baris, comes into the picture, because he helps her get her stolen bag back. He leads a very different life from her, as he has expensive cars and a fancy lifestyle. Will these two people from opposite lives be able to find love with one another?

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