Dokhtare Safir Series

Dokhtare Safir Turkish Series

The Turkish drama series Dokhtare Safir (Sefirin Kizi / Ambassador’s Daughter) is an amazing love story that is filled with great romance and sincere emotions. It was produced by NG Media and O3 Turkey Medya and was filmed in Istanbul, Turkey. This series includes star actors such as Engin Akyürek, Neslihan Atagül, Uraz Kaygilaroglu, and more! With quality actors, directors, and productions this Turkish series will not disappoint you.

This series shares the lives between two main characters ‘Nare’ and ‘Sancar’. Sancar is a son of a sharecrop farmer and Nare is the daughter of an ambassador. After being in love since childhood, finally, their wedding day has come and it is perfect. But, on the wedding night, Nare shares with Sancar that she had been a victim of rape in the past and decides to run away.

After waiting 8 years for Nare, Sancar decides to move on with his life and marry someone new. But on his wedding day, Nare shows up at the ceremony with a girl named Melek. And she tells everyone that she is the daughter of Sancar.

Find out Nares history and learn all of her secrets in her complicated life. To see how this intense drama ends, start watching this series today!

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