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Esme Man Malek Turkish Series PosterEsme Man Malek (Benim Adim Melek – My Name is Melek) is a dramatic Turkish series shot in Gaziantep, Turkey. The series tells the story of a mother named Melek who will do anything for her children. Long before the events of the series, Melek left her home for love and gave birth to three children. Now, Melek has found out that she has an unrelenting disease. She also finds out that her husband is leaving and wants to take the children.

At a low point, Melek returns home to seek redemption from her father and family. She now must struggle to survive and rebuild her life. Hopefully, she can do this with her three children by her side. Through her struggles, Melek shows the audience that motherhood is about never giving up, despite setbacks and difficulties.

This series is perfect for anyone who loves a powerful drama and a story of overcoming adversity. The resilience that Melek shows will make the audience fall in love, cheering during her good moments while sympathizing during any misfortune. To follow along with Melek’s story, watch Benim Adim Melek on GEM Series 24 today – where we offer the greatest new series online and for free!

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