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Ghahraman Turkish Series PosterFor those that love coming of age and sports themed stories, Ghahraman is a must watch.
Viewers are introduced to Kafkas, a promising and dedicated young boxer. Kafka’s has invested most of his life into the physical and mental sport of boxing. On the other hand, Kafka’s pregnant wife and love of his life consistently begs Kafka’s to give up the sport, in fear that he will one day become too injured to go on.

Fast-forward to a major match night for Kafkas which also happens to be the night his beloved wife goes into labour. After successfully beating his opponent and becoming champion, Kafkas rushes to the hospital to meet his wife. Kafkas soon hears that his wife is enduring complications in her labour. As he patiently waits to hear of the arrival of his soon to be born son, Kafkas receives shocking news.

The opponent Kafkas triumphed that same night, passed away due to complications from the fight. Kafkas is immediately filled with immense guilt and despair, and not long after receives the worst news possible. Kafkas’s wife has died in labour.

Ghahraman is a quick, shocking and heart wrenching TV drama which follows the life of a dedicated athlete whose life turns upside down in the matter of one night. Viewers will develop sympathy with Kafkas as his new life unfolds. Watch as guilt, emptiness and loss are illustrated in this deep and engaging storyline. Ghahraman tells the story of a father and son bond and how love can triumph even the worst losses in life.

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