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Ghorse Mah Mahe Kamel Series PosterIn Bitter Sweet (Full Moon – Dolunay) Turkish series, Nazli is a stunning young woman who’s biggest dream is to become a chef. She is studying to be a chef and working part time to support her family simultaneously. She lives with her sisters, one of whom is intent on marrying rich.

Nazli’s life is dramatically altered when she accepts an offer to work as a part-time chef for a rich businessman, Ferit. Her job is to prepare dinner for him in the afternoons and ensure that the house is kept in order for when he comes home from work. She is not allowed to wander out of her workspace and has strict instructions to keep everything as is by her particular boss.

Ferit is a young businessman who is wonderfully handsome. He is very punctual and particular about everything, and this causes him to not be able to keep any of his house staff for very long. When Nazli first starts working for him he assumes that she is an older woman. Nazli leaves before he comes home, so they do not have the opportunity to meet very often. He gets frustrated at how much she has changed the order of the house, but loves her cooking so keeps her employed.

One day they are able to meet and become instantly attracted to one another. Their relationship is slow moving but eventually turns into a romance.

Nazli one day is made aware that her younger sister is attending a nightclub frequented by gold-diggers. She is concerned about her sister and therefore accompanies her to make sure that she is safe. Ferit is made aware that she has attended this establishment and assumes that Nazli is also a gold-digger.

At the same time, one of Ferit’s close friends Deniz meets Nazli and is instantly attracted, attempting to win her over himself.

Watch Bitter Sweet to learn how this love triangle of miscommunications unfolds.

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