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Golpari Turkish Series PosterAre you ready to experience a new TV Drama Series? Gulperi will keep you wanting more.
After having a restricted life of not being able to date who she wants and have a career which she wants, Gulperi is determined to continue moving forward desperately looking for a life full of love and fulfillment. Gulperi can’t stay in this world she lives in dominated by men. She has a dream to have a husband, a home and children. As the years go on her luck begins to change as she falls in love with Eyup who is in the military service. Gulperi is starting to live in the world she always dreamed living in with her husband and three children. But not for long as suddenly she is hit with tragedy and disbelief when she finds out her husband dies on a business trip to Syria. Gulperi is overwhelmed and in shock that something like this would happen to her family after everything she has been through. She takes her three kids and is forced to return to Eyup family’s home where she is unliked and shamed. The in-laws take complete control of the children and trick them to thinking that their mother is the reason their father is dead. Gulperi is struggling to win back her children but tries as she takes a job in a fashion house. All of a sudden something changes as Gulperi finds her childhood love she was once banned from seeing, Avukat Kadir. Gulperi and Avukat Kadir join together to fight for Gulperi’s children back. Just when thinking it couldn’t get any worse, Gulperi starts to reveal some secrets about her husband’s death. Will Gulperi ever get her children back and find happiness again?

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