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Halghe Turkish Series PosterThere is a criminal organization in Turkey that controls the underworld; they are called The Circle (Halghe). When an individual becomes too powerful, those in control of The Circle elect to murder him.

There is a mafia leader named Eren Karabulut who became a threat 25 years ago to The Circle. Karabulut’s child is kidnapped by The Circle, and to save his child he attends a meeting where he is murdered.
Karabulut’s wife Humeyra is unable to locate her child. The baby, Cihangir, is abducted by an important mafia leader. A different baby is passed off to Humeyra in return. She accepts that getting her own baby back is impossible, and chooses to raise Kaan as her own.
Fast forward 25 years and the paths of these two babies will cross once again.

Cihangir becomes a brave man who is ignorant to his past, and has been raised by Ilhan. He is of the belief that he is the child of the big mafia leader (Ilhan). He is struggling with insomnia and seeks out psychological support. He is in business with who he believes to be his father, and is involved with both legal and illegal business dealings.

Kaan too is ignorant to the drama of his past and the circumstances under which he came to be raised by Humeyra. It is his belief that Humeyra is his biological mother and his father was murdered many years ago. Although he is innocent, he has been imprisoned for two years on a robbery charge. He wants to rid himself of the slander against him, and discover who the true criminal is that caused him to have to go to prison.

The two characters, Cihangir and Kaan, are dragged into a game which was created by The Circle.

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