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Mojezeye Doctor Turkish Series PosterMucize Doctor, also known as Miracle Doctor, is a 2019 series which is gaining spotlight in the media. This heart-felt and earnest series tells the moving story of a troubled boy who grows to become an influential figure. Ali Vefa, a kind and innocent boy born in the countryside is challenged by growing up with savant syndrome.

Ali struggles through coming of age in numerous orphanages and has intensified troubles with being shunned by his farther. In the back of his mind, he always knew he was different, but soon begins to understand these unique gifts and the reasons for his childhood adversities.
Viewers deeply connect with Ali, learning his unique habits and meet his charm as episodes unfold. As the story evolves, we find Ali grown up and volunteering at a private hospital. Through the series of events which lead Ali here, his gifts begin to show.

Ali and his peers discover his gifts of medicine. Ali begins to prove himself as a successful surgeon, helping numerous patients better than the seasoned doctors he works under. Despite his childhood troubles and his communication barriers, Ali finds his place at the hospital where he is able to use his unique gifts to help others. The series tell stories of how he grows and evolves through the discovery of himself, his gifts and the relationships he makes along the way.

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