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Parandeh Khosh Eghbal Turkish Series PosterIn Parandeh Khosh Eghbal Turkish series, Sanem is a young woman with a cheerful disposition who works in a local grocery store. She loves her life and begins writing down her thoughts each evening in a journal. No one believes that she will ever finish her book, but she knows in her heart that she will.

Her life takes a turn one day when her mom threatens to marry her if she doesn’t get an office job like the other girls her age. If she does not find this type of work, her parents have told her that they will give permission for Mazaffer, a prospective groom, to marry her. Mazaffer has been in love with Sanem for a very long time and is eager to be able to call her his wife.

Sanem wants to avoid getting married so she begins searching for an office job like her parents requested. Without any work experience, the best she can do is an odd-jobs position at her sisters place of work, an advertising company.

Sanem attempts to get used to her new job but is constantly getting into trouble. One day the owner of the company retires and his son, Can, takes over the business. Can is a bright young man who works as a photographer travelling around the world looking for subjects to take photos of. He is free-spirited in nature and is not a fan of the city life.

Can leaves temporarily and leaves his younger brother, Emre, in charge. Emre wants the company for himself and takes steps to try and make this happen. Sanem starts to help Emre with his plots against Can without fully knowing what he is up to.

Can becomes infatuated with Sanem and is attracted to her natural beauty, not knowing of her unknowly helping his brother ruin his future.
Will there be an office romance? Will the plots be successful? Will the book ever be complete? Daydreamer will follow the lives of these characters and we will find out the answers.

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