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Roozegari Dar Chukurova Turkish Series

Roozegari Dar Chukurova Bitter Lands Turkish Series PosterThe story here begins in the late 1970’s in Istanbul, continuing on to the extremely fertile lands of Cukurova, Adana.

Zuleya and Yilmaz are a couple in love who want to get married as soon as they can and begin their life together. Yilmaz, a hardworking car mechanic and Zuleyla, a young and beautiful tailor are destined to be together. However, fate has different plans for them.

Zuleyha is unaware of her step-brother’s criminal activity and is trapped due to the sheer cruelty of her very own family. Yilmaz murders a crime boss in order to save the love of his life, Zuleyha.

The two of them escape Istanbul after this atrocity where they will hopefully be safe. Their journey is gruelling and long, but they arrive in Adana. While looking for work Yilmaz encounters an old acquaintance that brings them to the bountiful lands of a Yaman farm. They begin working on the farm disguised as siblings, so as to avoid being separated from one another.

The land owner of the farm, named Demir, is a young and educated man. After a bitter divorce, he thought that he had closed the book on love. His opinions change after meeting Zuleyla.
Unaware of her feelings for another man, he is attracted to Zuleyla at first sight. The turbulence that this causes on the farm effects both the day to day operations in production and the personal lives of the characters involved.

Which love will win? Will the secret identities stay hidden? Will the desire for power trump all? Watch Bitter Lands (Bir Zamanlar Cukurova) to discover what these characters will decide and how the events on the farm will unfold.

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