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Sibe Mamnoee Forbidden Fruit Turkish Series PosterSibe Mamnoee (Forbidden Fruit) is the story of two loving sisters with very different dreams.

Zeynep is ethical and focused on her career. When her company is combined with another, she is forced to work with a young businessman who is her complete opposite. However, after constant bickering, feelings develop. Could it be true love?

Yildiz, on the other hand, wishes for an easy way to escape her low-income life. Ender, a queen of high society, wants to hire Yildiz to seduce her wealthy husband. Ender is tired of being disrespected and wants a divorce. However, she also cannot imagine losing her high status. With her plan, she is confident she will gain compensation in court and won’t leave the marriage empty-handed. Now, Yildiz is faced with a decision – one that will unknowingly affect her sister’s life in the process.

Forbidden Fruit stars Sevval Sam, Eda Ece, Sevda Erginci, Talat Bulut, and Onur Tuna. New episodes are still being released, meaning there’s plenty more drama to come. To watch how the lies and desires of these characters intertwine, visit GEM Series 24. We hope you enjoy watching the latest series dubbed in Farsi, online and all for FREE!

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