Talkh va Shirin (Duble Farsi) Series

Talkh va Shirin (Duble Farsi) Turkish Series

Talkh Va Shirin Duble Turkish Series PosterTalkh va Shirin Turkish story features Hayat, who works at a top private school as a literature teacher. She is a strong-willed young woman who is always willing to stand up for herself. However, this makes life challenging for her, and generally leads her to have difficulties.

After her parent’s death, Hayat took sole custody of her little sister Gozde, and acts as both mother and father to her. She is very protective over her sister, and can sometimes be too controlling. Hayat is financially stable because of her good job, so she is luckily able to afford to send Gozde to the private school that she works at. Even though she is comfortable with her finances, they live a drastically different life from all of the other students, as they are all wealthy. This difference can lead to Gozde feeling out of place sometimes, as it is hard to keep up with everyone’s fancy lifestyles.

Trouble strikes one fateful night when Hayat gets an urgent call explaining how Gozde is in trouble at a party. Hayat rushes over there right away, only to find that her sister is unconscious and seconds away from getting raped from a fellow student named Koray. He is Gozde’s boyfriend, and also the brother of Cerrah, who is an ex mafia leader.

This tragic experience leads Hayat to go to extra measures to keep Gozde away from Koray. Therefore, she transfers both herself and her sister to a public school on the other side of town. This school is very different from their previous private school life, because everyone comes from lower and middle class families. This takes some getting used to in the beginning, but Gozde is able to settle in quite nicely, making friends and talking to the popular boy in school. However, Hayat is a different story, and she has quite the job cut out for her. Not only does she have to win her students trust, but she also must try to fight the corruption that takes place in this new school. Will Hayat be able to fix the school? Will Gozde be happy with her new life, or will her past love come back to haunt her?

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