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To Begoo Karadeniz Turkish Series PosterSen Anlat Karaqdeniz is a must watch for those who favour intense, romantic and heart wrenching TV dramas. Sen Anlat Karadeniz also known as, Lifeline follows the story of an alluring young woman who is forcefully sold into child marriage. Her graceful and attractive qualities catch the attention of a wealthy businessman at a young age, forcing her to leave her once happy life. Captured by her husband and without any close family alive, Nefes soon realizes the dark reality which is about to forge.
Viewers quickly learn Nefes husband is abusive as he wastes no time beginning to inflict physical and emotional pain onto Nefes. The only positive aspect this new marriage brings is the birth of Nefes’s son who acts as the only hope for happiness in her life.
Nefes’s character, being a strong female lead, grows hateful towards her husband and actively plans an escape. Without success, Nefes’s failed attempts only intensify the dreaded relationship between her and her husband.
As time progresses, a new hope arises for Nefes. A wealthy family makes arrangements to meet with Nefes’s husband to discuss a significant business opportunity. Within this family, viewers are introduced to Tahir, a charming and empathetic young man. Tahir quickly realizes the troubles that reside in Nefes so called perfect life, and the two develop a deep, instant connection.

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