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Vaslat Turkish Series PosterAziz is living a great life: he is an only child who was born into a wealthy family. He becomes very successful when he takes over the family textile business, and is highly respected within society. However, problems arise when he starts having issues with Kerem. Kerem was lucky enough to be adopted into Aziz’s family at a young age after his parents passed away. Even though Kerem has had good opportunities given to him, he still has to deal with some of the family members not wanting him around.

The divide between Aziz and Kerem shows in the family business, due to Aziz being the CEO of the company, whereas Kerem is only the co-manager. Furthermore, Aziz handles the legal business, but Kerem deals with the illegal business. When Aziz takes over the business from his father, he tries for a fresh start to rid the company of any illegal business. However, Kerem wishes to keep it in order to gain power and overthrow Aziz.

Amid the drama between the two men, Aziz’s life changes when he meets Feride, who is a nice young woman working at a smaller textile company. Unfortunately, Feride’s mother drastically dies, so she must move in with her father, step-mother, and step-siblings. In order to help support her family, she quits school and decides to work full-time. Even though she scarifies a lot for her family, she is still unable to gain the love and support from her step-mother.

Aziz and Feride cross paths when they both happen to be at a fancy restaurant on the same night. When Feride is wandering around, she notices a fight break out, and sees Aziz killing two people in self-defence. She is scared and uncertain of what to do, so she doesn’t call the police.

Still frightened from the night before, she goes back to the same restaurant the following day. When she asks to see the security footage, she is shocked to come face-to-face with Aziz. Realizing it is hard to penalize the wealthy, she is faced with a tough decision. What will Feride decide? Will she call the police, or will Feride and Aziz end up falling for each other?

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